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Wally Joyner took roids? What?

Apparently, everybody's favorite original baby faced bald first baseman has admitted to taking steroids. Joyner got them from Caminiti. The report will show up in ESPN the Magazine. Who would've thunk Wally of all people on the juice? What in the Wally World is going on here!?

The report uncovers numerous damaging facts including that Joyner admitted he asked Caminiti to help him get steroids during the 1998 season while they were with the San Diego Padres.

Caminiti, who admitted to using steroids himself in 2002, did honor the request and Joyner ingested pills for some time before throwing them away after regretting what he did.
I wonder if Leitner's going to wish death on the entire '98 team now, considering the fact that apparently, they all were cheaters.

Also, I've got my eye on Mark Sweeney. I don't trust any bald headed baby faced first basemen any more!

Thanks to secret source, aka Emcee Emmerson, for pointing this out to us.