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More info on Johjima

From a secret source, though I'm looking into getting a more regular flow of info out of this particular source. Apparently, there's a rumor that Johjima (as opposed to "Jojima" as the UT spells it) has been studying English for a number of years now anticipating a move to the Major Leagues.

According to secret source, the Mets and the Mariners are considered the favorites for his move. No mention of the Padres. Johjima is considered by many as the best catcher in the NPB and possibly the best right handed hitter in the league.

I'm getting kinda psyched about the possibility of getting this guy. Though Kottaras is apparenlt doing well at Fall League I'd imagine that he's still a year or two off. Johjima would be a nice pickup especially considering the Padres current line of going after right handed hitting.