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Rumor mill

Slow day today. Let's see what the Rumor Mill is churning up...

ESPN says that Giles would like to stay on the west coast, but primarily wants to be a team that will be in the postseason for the duration of his contract. Hey! We're the NL West champs, baby! We're the bomb! The shiz! Errrmm..... Frontrunner apparently is the Cardinals. It's looking more and more like of the big three (Giles, Hoffman, Hernandez), we're going to be hanging on to Hoffy. Giles is the one I most hope we can hang on to. No offense to the other guys. I like the cut of Giles' jib.

David Wells to San Diego for Sean Burroughs. Everybody been hearing that one?

Padres player, R.K., has crabs. I have no idea how that rumor keeps getting spit out of the mill.