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What's going down?

I'm computerless for a little bit longer so the updates are coming in kinda slow. A few things though:

  • Over the weekend the UT ran a couple of pieces about Kevin Towers. I don't have it handy, but they break down the best and worst moves he's made in his time here. Hopefully, it didn't get thrown away, because I'd like to look over it some more and I can't find it online. If it's online, then let me know.

  • The mock press conference they're doing with Steve Phillips on SportsCenter has officially turned me off on ESPN. I'm pure HBO now as far as my sports go, until another network comes up. I mean, the whole thing was incredibly cheesy and they took up a good amount of time with it. It's not even February. I could understand if it was a slow news month, but we're in the middle of all kinds of stuff. Also, how did they manage to get all those mock reporters? I figured that they must be ESPN interns except for the ones who actually were reporters for ESPN. If you're an intern for ESPN and they make you sit through that crap, are you rueing the day that you didn't apply at Best Damn Sports Show? The whole thing was a train wreck.
More as I find it.

Update [2005-11-8 14:25:35 by jbox]:

Klesko a punk three years ago...

It also was Towers who publicly questioned Ryan Klesko's devotion to baseball three years ago, wondering why Klesko wasn't being required to take fielding pointers from camp instructor Wally Joyner (he's still waiting).