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Offseason's Top 50 Free Agents

I was looking at this list of free agents.  I saw the link over at Viva el birdos.

So the Pads had 2 of the top 5 free agents.  Ramon is number two and Giles is number 4.

Ramon is as good as gone, so lets not even bother discussing.

Unless the Padres go out and get some other sluggers, I don't know what the point of trying to keep Giles would be.   He's not going to carry the team all by himself.  He was given the chance when he was the only Padre hitting from July through September.  He's a good bat to have in your line up when you've got others for him to drive in or vice versa.  He's not hitting many home runs in Petco and he'll hit hard singles and doubles, but that just increases our LOB stats.

The more I think about this Vinny Castilla trade I wonder why we didn't just re-sign Joe Randa?  He would have been 2 years younger, a little cheaper and probably a little better than Castilla.  I still don't understand how this is an upgrade.  Maybe that's the point, maybe this is management telling us they aren't going to upgrade.  I read you loud and clear.

According to this list the Padres are supposedly interested in signing:

  1.  Jacque Jones
  2.  John Thomson
  3.  Brad Ausmus
  4.  Rudy Seanez