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The Padres fascination with old people

I just want to be sure, but everybody else is getting sick of the Padres and their fascination with players over the age of 36, right? You notice that there's very little mention of the "future" when we hear soundbites now. San Diego really loves living up to the reputation of the place where old players go to die and young players go to be underappreciated, traded away, and achieve greatness somewhere else. It's getting real strange and discomforting.

"Vinny has a little more proven track record for power and RBI," General Manager Kevin Towers said. "He's a middle-of-the-lineup-type hitter, and defensively he's one of the best. Plus, he's going to give us leadership."
I never thought Towers to engage in doublespeak. I mean, "proven track record" and "leadership", those are just nice ways of saying, "old guy", right? I like Vinny Castilla and all, but it's kinda in the same way that I like anything that's become really familiar. Like the crazy homeless guy that I've seen on the same corner for the last 8 years. Comforting enough to see him over there. Not so comforting if he showed up in my living room.

I'm just starting to get sick of the mentality that it's somehow more of a gamble to go with young guys with futures than it is to go with old guys with proven track records.