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Lawrence sent to the Nationals for 38 year old Vinny Castilla

Brian Lawrence was traded to the Washington Nationals for 38 year old Third Baseman Vinny Castilla.  

Vinny will take Joe Randa's spot at third and and Randa will leave as a free agent.  Burroughs will either be his backup, but more than likely he'll be traded also.  Even though Towers acts like he has zero value.

"We will explore some trade opportunities. I'd like to think he has some value. But we have lost a little leverage. People realize he doesn't fit with us. It ties our hands."

It's hard to believe that Burroughs who was once the "future of the Padres" is now being called worthless. It's too bad because I think he's a good contact hitter but that's not what Towers wanted out of a third baseman.

Does Towers think that an aging third baseman with a bum knee can play better defense than Xavier Nady? Althought I guess it was Bochy that had no confidence in Nady's defense. I kinda get the feeling that Castilla's "power numbers" of 12 HR and 66 RBI are going to shrivel up like Klesko's nads in Petco Park.

Honestly if Xavier Nady doesn't have a starting spot next season when we are plugging old timers into the lineup I'm gonna be bewildered.

I like Lawrence, we know he had zero run support this year, but he also blew some big games all by himself.  I'm okay with him leaving just because I've grown to despise last years roster.  I think it's a good thing to get some new blood into this franchise after last years results.  So it'll be good to see Hensley in the starting 5.