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Giles is a Padre!!!

We've heard from several sources that the Padres have indeed resigned Brian Giles. The official announcement should happen tomorrow.

The guys over at Ducksnorts are chatting about it. From what I can tell (I haven't heard it myself on 1090 yet), it's something like a 3 year deal. I'm so pumped now. So pumped, yo.

Update [2005-11-30 23:44:3 by Dex]: And, via Ducksnorts via San Diego Spotlight, here's the link. Details of the deal appear to be three years at $9 million a year plus an option for a fourth year and a $3 million buyout. I'll take back anything I might have said about Moores being a cheapskate. It feels good to know that we root for a team that can hang onto their most productive player. The offseason is looking much brighter now.