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MLB Dress Code

Every day, we get a dozen or so hits from people wanting to know if there's a dress code for Major League Baseball. I'm not sure who these people are. I assume that it's mostly hip dressing minor league ballplayers who are potentially moving to the bigs soon and don't want to give up their hot gear and groovy hairstyles just to be able to play in the show.

Well I've got confirmation:

Does Major League Baseball or the players association have a dress code?

"How long you been a Padre fan?"
"Since '76, holmes. Since '76."


No, there is no Major League Baseball dress code. Individual clubs, however, often ask players to abide by certain standards. For example, the Yankees do not permit the growth of beards.

Chris Dahl
Communications Manager
So there you have it. There is no MLB dress code, but there are team dress codes. Incidentally, I remember back when the Astros picked up Randy Johnson and there was the hubub about whether or not he'd be able to keep his long hair since the team policy was the clean cut look. Eventually they decided to let him keep the long hair, but it didn't matter as the Padres still spanked him twice in the playoffs. Then he went and cut his hair anyway.

But back on topic, there is no MLB dress code. Now, you know. And knowing is half the battle.