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San Diego free agent update

Some Padres reading for a fine Tuesday morning:

  • Is Giles merely using the Yankees? The Yankees believe Giles may only be feigning interest in going to New York as a ploy to boost his value with other clubs. If the Yankees are going to play the spend-more-than-thou game (which they have every right to do) then they really have no right to whine when their reputation gets used against them. By spending as much money as they do, they can't help but define the market and if a player of a high enough calibur wants to use the Yankees as a benchmark, then that's the position that they've placed themselves. No crybabies.

  • Another example of GMs not really understanding the "market" as it pertains to Trevor Hoffman:
    "We're not going to let the market dictate what we do," Towers said yesterday.
    This must be taken out of context because obviously, what the Padres do is entirely dictated by the "market". If nobody was interested in Trevor, does anybody really believe that the Padres would even consider spending more than what Moores would want to spend? This "above the market" mentality isn't fooling anybody.

    An analogy: I walk into a supermarket. Everybody in front of me is paying $2.00 for milk. I tell the cashier, "I'm not going to let the supermarket dictate what I do. I'm only offering you 85 cents for this milk." Now granted, I'm referring to the "supermarket" as opposed to just the regular old "market", so I'm at even more of a disadvantage than the Padres are, but still...

  • The Yankees distance themselves a little bit more from Giles. Second story today about the Yankees giving up on the Giles race.

  • We have a new advertiser. I haven't had the pleasure of tasting Players Drink, but I'm going to score me a bottle ASAP. You can't beat Ladanian Tomlinson endorsing your product. I am all over this stuff. If anybody's had it before, let me know how it is.
More as it comes!