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"Drake and Josh" at a Padres Game

If you read at all you probably know I'm a weird dude.  One of my favorite TV show's is "Drake and Josh" on Nick.

On Vacation I watched a marathon of shows and I became hooked.  It's about these two half brothers and they live in San Diego.  They don't make a big deal about living in town, except yesterday.  It was a new episode.  You can tell cuz Josh isn't as fat anymore.  

It was a flashback where they were at a Padres game in 1998 and they were fighting over the last foam finger at a booth.  Oh man it was hilarious!  High comedy!  They had a ton of Orange and Blue authentic 1998 gear everywhere but it looked nothing like Qualcomm.

I laughed and laughed, so much so that I puked up a little bit of turkey gravy.  Love Drake and Josh