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Everything must go

A urologist paid $2,174 for the urinal that came out of the old Busch Stadium which is currently being demolished. That must be the sucky thing about being a urologist. When you want to buy something funny for your office or what not, it has to relate to urine. Like a software programmer might buy a t-shirt that says "No I won't fix your computer" or somebody who works as a vet might have that cat on a branch that says "Hang In There!", but urologists have like toilets and weird urinary tract jokes.

I bet the Filipino Barrel Man (maybe nsfw) is a big ticket item among the funny urologist crowd.

Also, jbox may not be a urologist, but he actually has a Barrel Man in his office. Jbox isn't Filipino, and I didn't buy it for him, but I was in his office recently and sure enough, there was the Barrel Man in all his glory.