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Still a chance Giles will be signed by the Padres?

Although the UT reports that contract talks with Giles have broken down, a newly acquired Gaslamp secret source tells us otherwise.

Our secret source in the Padres front office tells us that Alderson will stop at nothing to get his hands on a tanned, hairless, beach-muscled outfielder.  Giles, a free agent, fits the description like tight leather pants on Carlos Hernandez.  The front office source insists that Giles still wants to stay in San Diego and would be willing to take another discount.  

Giles lead the league in walks and was left on base most of the 2005 season.

Update [2005-11-27 21:53:42 by jbox]: ESPN is reporting that the Mets made an offer to Ramon Hernandez today. Joe Bick,agent of Brian Giles, talked to the Yankees as well.