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Anybody seen the Zip-N-Hit Pro commercials on TV?  Notice anything slightly annoying about those commercials?  Yep, it's our old buddy Matt Vasgerisian doing the voice over.  It's official Vasgerisian will do anything for a buck.  Matty is everywhere!  Isn't Padres Baseball, Olympic Softball, the XFL, Poker and the Sunglass Hut enough?  

This time he teams up with Derek Jeter to pimp this weird baseball training tool.  I really don't see how this thing would work.  I see a lot of bats getting tangled in these strings and kids getting hit in the nads with the ball.  They try and tell you that you are supposed to hit the top half of the baseball.  Is this even true?  Or is it just because you can't hit the middle of this ball because there are two strings going through the middle of it?