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Filed under: presents the best records: Scott Stapp of Creed

Major League Baseball has a lot of problems.  Steroids, catchers not wearing underwears, the Pad Squad and now Scott Stapp.

Did you even know that there was such a thing as MLB records?  And furthermore did you know that they have their own MLB studios?  So why is the MLB in the music buisness, when clearly they have no taste in music.  They are pretty much telling us right off that they have no idea what they are doing when they choose Scott Stapp.  Now look I hate Creed as much if not more than all of you.  But this isn't even Creed, this is Scott Stapp solo.  This is the suckiest part of Creed.  They are refining Creed to it's purest form of suck.  Scott Stapp solo is pure suck.  That's dangerous.  Suck in it's pure form is highly annoying.  There are evil men that will stop at nothing to get suck in it's purest form.  If this CD fell into the wrong hands...