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Gaslamp Exclusive: Meeting Tommy Lasorda

So I'm at the Coliseum in LA and who walks out of the Port-a-Potty?  Tommy Lasorda.  One of my friends yells:

"Hey Tommy! One or two???"

I almost yelled "Do you poo Dodger blue?"  But I thought that might be too crass to say to a legend of the game.

You never think that a Baseball Hall of Famer is going to walk out of a Port-a-Potty right in front of you.  Did he have to wait in the long line?  Did people give him cuts?  This was LA after all.  Doesn't he have box seats somewhere with a private bathroom?

Anyway I went over and shook his hand.  It wasn't until later that I realized that it was impossible for the man to wash his hands after coming out of the port-a-potty.  Gross!  Blech!  Is it a coincidence that several hours later I got sick and I've been sick ever since?  I think not!

How many Hall of Famers did you shake hands with on Saturday?  That was my question to everyone.  They would all say three, just to give me hell.  But they didn't meet three.