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Some Padres discussions

You can find them at Minor League Ball's Padres edition of You're the GM! And also at Beyond the Boxscore regarding the Cameron/Nady swap.

The early comments on You're the GM seem to indicate that most people believe the Padres should do something of a firesale and build towards 2007. The trouble with that is that much of our value is now wandering around in free agency.

What I wouldn't mind seeing is the Padres move Eaton for younger position players (sorry padresfan311). Get another corner outfielder and a first baseman. Then, focus on signing Brian Giles.

Then, we somehow frame Ryan Klesko for indecent exposure and get him into prison. Hopefully, that would be enough for us to be able to get out of his contract. Once that's done, we take the money that we saved in his salary and we reinvest in the Pad Squad. Maybe hire a singer/songwriter to compose a Pad Squad theme and buy them some new foamier baseballs to throw to the kids. You may think that foamier baseballs have no relevance to the game on the field, but I would beg to differ and we would just have to agree to disagree.