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What price do we pay for Wells?

David Wells wants to get home, but it turns out the San Diego discount doesn't apply to trades. Larry As Lucchino says

"We can only make trades if we get fair value. So, we are hoping we will be successful."
My thoughts on this, in bullet list format.
  • I'd really rather not give up on Aki after one tough season to again roll the dice with 43 year old Wells. I think Aki could easily bounce back next season, especially if he's assigned as our holdem guy or setup to Linebrink should Hoffman leave.

  • If David Wells decides he wants something and you don't give it to him, try as he might to keep it under wraps, it'll show up somewhere along the line in the form of headaches for those around him. Lucchino is obviously hiding this fact.

  • If Lucchino is able to smooth over distasteful facts about players he's trying to market, then maybe Towers should take a lesson. I mean, candor is one thing, but telling the whole world that you think the guys you're trying to trade away are worthless is obviously another.