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A letter from Geoff Blum to the Padres

Hey guys!

It's me! Big Geoff! The Geoffmeister! Yeah, I'm back. So, what you guys been up to? Oh me? Yeah, just kickin' it.

So listen, no hard feelings about letting them kick me off the team and leaving me in tears while forcing me away from the city where my beautiful wife and our wonderful children live, including the triplets that we had just been blessed with. I mean, that's cool. Tear the family man away from his wife and kids while the dude with crabs gets to call the shots in the outfield and force management to bring in the fences. I mean, everybody's got their priorities.

I made the most of my time away. I helped win a World Series for a team that appeared to have been cursed for almost a century and all. I became immortal with, you know, a game winning home run. Yeah. So that was cool. Yeah, tell Dave Roberts that becoming a World Series hero for a long suffering team that people say was cursed actually wasn't so tough to do, so he can quit his crowing.

Looks like we're making another run of it here though. Maybe this time, just as we're hitting the home stretch of the season and I'm contributing consistently, management won't break my heart into a thousand pieces by sending me away again. Not doing that to me would be golden. Real top drawer.

Anyways, see you dudes around! Gotta work on the pelo for spring!