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Pujols is the MVP

I haven't really mentioned any of the other awards that were handed out so far, but I will mention the fact that I think Pujols is awesome. Never mind the fact that he famously showed up the Padres that time when he launched a home run and proceeded to sip a pina colada, while slipping in his white iPod earbuds so he'd have some tunes to listen to as he rounded the bases, thereby triggering the rage instinct in our catcher at the time who's name escapes me. As far as that much is concerned, I wouldn't mind seeing the Padres throw at Pujols at his first at bat every single time we play the Cardinals.

Remember the Maine!

Anyways... Never mind that fact. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't enough showboating when home runs get hit. I mean, you're gonna end up on Baseball Tonight, why not break out some choreography? Just let them do that and then let the pitchers spot one right into the small of their backs with no warning. If they aim for the head, then sure, a warning. But let them bust open a few kidneys. Anyways... That's a topic for another post.

Pujols though, is just awesome. I like the way that guy carries himself. He seems so analytical when he steps to the plate. No sudden movements until he's ready to strike. They should allow him to dress in all black with a mask like a ninja. Then give him one of those new fangled bats they're making with a ninja sword inside. That might be the only way to make him more intimidating.

On the complete flip side, I really would have liked to have seen Vladimir Guerrero win the AL MVP. Between Vladimir and Pujols, you'd have the yin and yang of baseball hitting today. Pujols and his methodical, ninja like approach to the plate. Vlad with his wild, undisciplined style. Like Naruto and Sasuke (not that I really expect anybody to get that reference...)

Anyways, good for Pujols. Better luck next time, Vlad. And before Jonny Dub can comment... Seriously, nobody wants to hear about Ichiro.