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What do the Rolling Stones and the Padres have in common?

Tim Sullivan mentions Mick Jagger's concert shout out to David Wells in his column today.

During Friday's concert at Petco Park, the venerable voice of the Rolling Stones made note of the pains taken to protect the playing field and its possible bearing on Wells' future in San Diego.

"I told management you'd be careful with the sacred dirt of Petco Park," Jagger told the crowd, "or else David Wells may never return."
Sullivan then goes on to use several Rolling Stones puns though he misses the bigger joke of old people playing in Petco Park. Guys who may still "rock", but can't help the fact that not many dudes in their business show more crows feet than crow hops.

I know. I know. Vinny may turn in a better year than our 2005 third basemen. And Wells may turn in a better year than Woody or Adam. And Finley may turn in a better year that Dave Roberts.

I just like to point out the oldies.