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Them lazy offseason days

Not much going on right now in the baseball world and by "the baseball world" I mean "anything relating to baseball that Dex cares about". They're handing out all the awards and stuff, but there aren't any Padres up there and watching the awards get handed out just reminds me of the fact that we don't get to watch the superstars of the game like other cities do. Moooo...

Did read through Kerry Crasnick's chat and I got to see Ramon Hernandez and Brian Giles both mentioned with no mention of the Padres. Are the Padres a feeder team to the "real" baseball teams in the league? Are we Tampa Bay?

I hope not, but every so often, I have to wonder.

Also, Deadspin has a link to Elisha Cuthbert's hockey blog. That's the really cute chick from 24, Old School and The Girl Next Door, which is in heavy rotation on HBO right now. Jbox has a little bit of a psycho crush on her and now that she's a blogger, I'm sure his heart is a flutter.

In other Padres stuff Ducksnorts breaks down third base. Geoff is breaking down all the positions. I had honestly started doing this myself, but it freaked me out a little bit. It was painfully depressing work. The breakdown even looks like a lot of work was put into it. It doesn't even show how painful it is to realize how lacking the team was in many important areas.

Also, MetalSupply breaks down his thoughts on losing all three of our "priority" free agents. Good points are made and I tend to agree with what's said except for this bit:

Our strength is relief pitching, which is probably the worst strength to have apart from maybe excellent ballpark snacks.
If the ballpark snacks were a little more excellent and a little less expensive, I'd be able to forgive the Padres another 11 losses at least.