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The 7th sign of the apocalypse?

Leitner may go into the Hall of Fame? Ted, along with Spanish language broadcaster Eduardo Ortega are among the 183 nominees for next year's Ford Frick award. Earlier this year, of course, Jerry Coleman won the Frick award.

Could you imagine how huge Leitner's ego would get if he even came close to winning? Let's say he finishes in the top 10. We'd never hear the end of it. I'd want everybody to vote for him just to watch his ego inflate his head to the point of explosion. That would be epic. I'd bet a hundred bucks to a nickel that if Leitner won this thing there would be a crime spree in San Diego. Leitner would be above the law. Always running red lights. Punching little old ladies in the gut for looking at him wrong. King of San Diego, that guy.