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Vote Leitner!

I just realized that I'm so excited about the prospect of Ted Leitner going into the Hall of Fame that I'm officially starting the Gaslamp Ball Get Ted to Cooperstown Campaign. Here's a photograph of Teddy Ballgame:

Look at that picture. Digest it. Meditate upon it. Then go vote for Ted.

That man has done more for you than you know. He is the voice of the Padres. Distinctive. Opinionated. A force to be reckoned with. Yes I know that some of you and me think that he's an idiot egomaniac. Sure, the volume of his voice may fluxuate randomly, causing you to adjust the volume on your radio several times an inning. Sure, he'll pass the buck off to you if the Padres are losing. But you gotta give him credit for one thing...

He is the franchise.

No doubt about it. The franchise. He deserves your vote. You're allowed one vote a day till the end of the month. Let's get Teddy to the Hall of Fame.

Update [2005-11-11 18:18:58 by Dex]: Also, consider this disturbing fact. Tim McCarver, Joe Buck and Joe Morgan are all on the nominee list as well. A vote for Teddy effectively evens out a vote for one of those other yahoos. Don't vote for those yahoos. Vote for our yahoo.