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Bring in the fences!

I'm really slow to the draw lately regarding Padres news. In what appears to be an effort to get Brian Giles signed, the Padres have said, "We can't give you money, but we can give you shorter fences." Or maybe this club just really enjoys sticking it to Phil Nevin.

In the next few months, the Padres probably will make some far-reaching moves where their outfield is concerned.

Expect the team to shrink the acreage in Petco Park's vast right-center field known as "Death Valley" so that home runs will be easier to hit while the venue remains pitcher-friendly.
From somewhere in baseball hell, a worn out Phil Nevin weeps.

All of Gaslamp Ball anxiously awaits Ryan Klesko's "I told you so" press conference.

Thanks to mato for pointing this one out.