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New Pad Squad Uniforms

I've been thinking that the Pad Squad needs new uniforms.  I haven't quite made up my mind yet on how I want them to look.  Maybe they should wear baseball pants, that could be a good look and a little more authentic. Although "A League of their Own" one piece dealies wouldn't be bad for the ladies with the tall socks. The guys could wear v-neck sweaters or a ton of mesh. I'm not sure yet. Anyway I need you to help me with some ideas. You can sketch them out.

Here's your models you can draw your own uniforms by clicking on "add to this painting" and then do a "save" and post the link in the comments.

Update [2005-11-14 13:47:8 by jbox]:

Here's the uniforms I designed today.

1. What we got on our first model is a regular Padres Jersey, and super tight pair of baseball pants, like the ones I used to wear. Then you got stirrups with ruby red high heels. Walking around the ball park for hours in high heels oughta take some pep outta the squad. Then I decided to give them a bit of pizazz with a white cape and a top hat.

2. On the next model you'll see a v-neck sweater and a white skirt. Notice on this model I gave her the official shoe of San Diego, the flip flop. You'll probably notice that she is wearing crossed bandaleers with bullets. The bullets can be replaced by foam baseballs if need be. Notice that she is also wearing an eye patch.

3. This girl is wearing a foam baseball with no cut outs for her arms. This way she can't get grabby with any of the male fans. She is also wearing ruby red high heels and a head band. Notice the fresh flowers tucked into her head band, that will be mandatory.