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Tomorrow is Free Agency Day

Giles rejected a 3 year $25.5 million offer by the Padres yesterday.  Kevin Towers was trying to sign him before he hit the free market, but Gilly was having none of it.  I say let him find out for himself that the grass isn't always greener in the other ballpark.  Giles should learn for himself that being rich and on a winning team isn't what happiness is about, thought it's darn close.  Sometimes happiness is running around a clubhouse naked showing off your tanned muscular body parts and bleached hair in a city that doesn't frown on that type of thing.  Even if it does mean that your the only one in the line up that can hit.

Trevor will be diving into the free agent market also.  He'll probably have some money thown at him too, but I think he's using it more as a bargaining tool, and not really going to try and leave.

Looks like the Padres are trying to shop Eaton to the Rangers for a few poor offensive players.  Oh good just what we needed.

The Padres are seeking a package of talent from a Rangers group that includes catcher Gerald Laird, 26; center fielder Laynce Nix, 25; and first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, 23, the Eastlake High alum drafted first overall in 2000.
Laird, Nix and Gonzalez reputedly have good or better defensive skills. None is an established hitter.

Oh and on a side note Urbina is scares me in so many ways.