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Hoffman slapped in the face by Padres

This UT Article is chalk full of Padres info.

First off the offer to Hoff'er:

Padres' offer: Two years, $10 million

Hoffman wants: Three years, $25 million-$27 million

Hoffman was PISSED!  Then he became sad and cleaned out his locker.  He felt betrayed by the Padres.  

On one hand, the Padres absolutely need to keep Hoffman for another couple years.  He's still getting it done in the 9th inning and is a big draw for all types of fans.  Can you imagine baseball in San Diego without Trevor Time?

On the other hand, Trevor has been real shakey in his closing role.  He'll get out of the game, but usually give up 2 or 3 hits and is not nearly as lights out as he used to be.  The Padres shouldn't tie up a ton of of money on an aging reliever who  doesn't have the same effectiveness as he once had.  Hoffman wants to stay here, give him something that won't insult him and he'll stay.  Pat the guy on the back for crying out loud.

There has to be a happy medium here.  Give him like  7 million this year then build up some incentives for the next couple of years.  In any case get it done. The thing is I know they will eventually get it done. They both need each other. So what I'm saying is don't insult Hoffman in the meantime. Get a fair deal together and make a real offer.

Next up, Boston and Lucchino want to steal something else from San Diego.  That something is Kevin Towers:

"I'm the Padres general manager," said Towers. "I've got a full plate here right now. I know because Larry and I had a good working relationship, the question is going to come up. Arizona made some sense by location."

By location? You aren't allowed to move out of the South West? Maybe his wine and cigars, that he treats like children, need a certain temperature and humidity. I get the feeling that Alderson doesn't want Towers around and since Alderson is the boss, he gets what he wants. I think he'll be gone before too long.

And maybe the biggest news of all...  Ted Leitner has a contract for next year.  This will be Uncle Teddy's 27th year as a Padres Broadcaster.  

"I gave up TV specifically because the Padres are my life and career," Leitner said after meeting with Alderson. "I've been all about promoting the Padres using conversation and humor and having a fun time with the broadcast. I can't wait for next season."

I love Teddy.  I'm thrilled he's gonna be back next season.  Some fans hate him though.  I was blown away during the season when Vasgersian won a vote between himself and Ted.  Oh well, maybe I'm in the minority of the fans who will be happy.