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Klesko skips workout to prepare trophy room for offseason

Barry Bloom reports:

While some of the Padres prepared for Game 3 during a workout on Friday at PETCO Park, a group of them, headed by Ryan Klesko, were busy signing surfboards personalized with the Padres logo to take home for the winter and hang in their various dens, trophy rooms and decks. The boards are also good for surfing, an activity that many of these Padres, soon to be ex-Padres, can begin partaking in as early as Sunday.

Okay enough already. Let's get rid of Klesko, even if we have to eat his 10 million dollar paycheck. If you don't have your game face on for a playoff game, then we don't need you on this team. Note to Klesko, you need all the practice you can get, cuz you suck!

That some thought this was highly inappropriate a day before what should have been the biggest game of the year didn't seem to faze Klesko, who went scuba diving on a road trip this season and brought some deer antlers on the team plane.

While Klesko was asking his teammates to make sure they signed the boards, lined up like cleats in the center of the room, Joe Randa looked at him like he was a martian.

Good for him. At least someone had their head in a series that the Padres wound up losing by a combined score of 21-11 and never had the lead in a single inning.

Klesko was 2-for-10 in the series with no extra-base hits, no RBIs and represented the tying run in the ninth inning when he grounded back to the mound to end the series.

My favorite part of this is Randa being like "Dude are you serious? We got a huge game and you're messing with surfboards?" Klesko's head obviously isn't in the game. He's played terrible offense and defense this season. I really admired Bochy for benching him towards the end of the season. Why'd they bring him back for the playoffs? He surely didn't do anything to deserve it.

I haven't been a big fan of Moores this season. But finally he's talking about changes in this organization:

"I'd be less than candid if I didn't say there were a number of things I was disappointed in," Moores said. "I've never had a team that failed to reach its potential like this one. There were some positive things. The pitching still is very strong. I feel very good about that.

"But there are a number of position players I've been disappointed in. They didn't live up to expectations. Why that is, I do not know. But I'm highly confident there will be some discussions about that in the offseason."

You know what was always nice about being a Padres fan? We never had the highest payroll or the best players. But some how we had a bunch of good guys that really battled each and every day. It seems like we haven't had that this season. I've kinda soured on a few of our players, because of that. This is going to be an interesting off season.