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ESPN: West Coast leg really necessary?

After the Cardinals dispatched the Padres 7-4 for a three-game series sweep Saturday, you had to wonder: Given the spiraling cost of airline fuel, was the final West Coast leg really necessary?

ESPN makes a good point.  Why not just give the Cardinals a bye all the way until the World Series.  I mean obviously the Padres don't deserve to be in the post season and it's just a waste of everyone's time to play the games.  After all there are Yankees games that are being played!

"We have a ton of respect for the Padres, and we're not out there to jump around and make fools of ourselves," said Matt Morris, the winning pitcher in the clincher. "We came in here and tried to celebrate in the privacy of the clubhouse, knowing we have some unfinished business. But in the end, it's all about popping champagne."

That was good of them.  At least somebody has respect for our team.

Oh I got a Phil Nevin update via Flannery on 1090.  Apparently Nevin calls Sweeney outta the blue when he sad.  He needs Sweeney's advice and gets cheered up talking to him.  Nevin is still on suicide watch, so keep an eye on him in the off season.