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Padres in denial until the end

I didn't punch Steve Poltz in the arm.  It was more of a friendly, ummm punch.  The awkward part was after I got his attention by yelling "POLTZ!" and we gave each other thumbs up for what seemed like a half hour just staring at each other.  Finally ending it with "Let's do this!"

I listened to the entire Padres pre-game show on 1090am on the way down from LA yesterday.  I got myself super psyched, except I did yell at the radio a few times.  I can't remember if it was Loretta or Sweeney, I think it was Sweeney, saying "We feel like we won the first game."  I yelled something like "You're insane!"  This has easily been the most frustrating part of the season.  This team, it's management and owners are in complete denial.  It's like having to hear some one with an addiction trying to tell you they aren't addicted.  They have completely convinced each other that nothing is wrong.  Everything is just fine.

"By no means was this a walk in the park for St. Louis," said Hoffman, a Padre since 1993 who can become a free agent in November. "The 0-3 record will say otherwise."

Woody was even saying that if he had thrown the ball higher to Khalil he would have turned a double play and the Padres would have won.  I sincerely doubt it.  The Cardinals would have played a much different game if they didn't have a 7 run lead.

Padres, you dudes are crazy. I like you a lot but I hope you don't really believe this syrupy stuff you're spewing.

The Padres got smoked, like a nice cut of ham. It happens, don't have to try and sugar coat it. Although a nice piece of honey baked ham would be tasty. Due to some days off, we lasted longer then the Red Sox, that's something right? So look at the positives.

The 10th man was in attendance last night.  The ballpark was really electric.  Just walking in you could feel something in the air, it was much different than a regular season game.  It felt great.  I was so pumped.  We were so ready for something good to happen. We were cheering for paper airplanes, for Asian Party girls, for C.S. Keys. We were ready to cheer. By the time something good did happen in 5th inning when Randa got the first Padres hit, there were very sarcastic cheers.  The 10th man crawling onto Woody's back and booing him when he got pulled kinda sucked too.  Don't get me wrong, he needed to be pulled, but booing him was lame.  If I was Boch and some how I decided to start Woody, I would tell him that if there is even the slightest problem that he is going to be pulled.  I would have the entire bullpen on red alert.  This is the last game of the season.  Let's fight for every out.

After the Cards got their lead, I looked into the dugout and watched.  Guys are relaxing, looking real blue, laying around.  It was pathetic.  It was only the 2nd inning.  I'd be yelling at them, get up off your a$$ and up against the railing and get into this game!  Create some enthusiasm!  How can you not fight?

The game got exciting in the last inning and we got to see the tying run come to the plate.  I'm not sure how Giles doesn't swing at that pitch.  Why are you trying to draw a walk with 2 outs and Klesko on deck?  You are our best player!  It would have been so thrilling to get back into that game.  I might have exploded if Giles would have hit a home run. Playoff baseball is really fun, we should do it more often.

Update [2005-10-9 17:46:24 by jbox]:

We sat next this stereotypical St. Louis guy. He had a Cards shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the shirt tucked into his jeans. He had the belt and his pant legs rolled up. He was wearing a necklace and had high and tight hair cut. Reminds me of a certain Nerdhater before he saw fashion out west. We also sat next to Pad Squad Myra's sister and a bunch of Asian Party Girls, who were seriously crazy and slightly more entertaining the game at times.