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Open Thread, Game 3: I got soul but I'm not a soldier

I'm watching me some The Killers on VH1 right now where these hot chicks are throwing boomerangs at these cowboys. Earlier in the video, one of the cowboys had his face dunked in the water and was singing. He bore a striking resemblance to Mike Piazza.


So jbox is going to be superfan today. He'll be starting his day up in south central LA, catching the Trojans game, and then driving back down to catch the Padres.

I'm relaxing and resting up before the game tonight, though I have to help my brother and his wife move. Since neither jbox or I will be around during the day, I'm leaving this open thread up right now for weekend Gaslamp Ballerz to express their excitement, irritation, spirit, plans for happy hour, etc.

In case you didn't see it before, Choi Hoon has a couple of cartoons about the Friars vs the Redbirds. They need to be translated, but they're kinda sorta self explanatory.

Also, I'll try and get out to the happy hour tonight. Just somebody tell me where it's at and what's the deal. We were planning on heading downtown somewhat early. Or give me a call and leave a message. I know there are Gaslamp Ballerz who have my cell number.

Stay positive! Stay focused! Nothing is over!