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Are you from San Diestop?

Or are you from San DieGO!?

No more self pity. Sure, the team may have their backs against the wall, but it ain't over yet. Time to rally our spirits. Time to get psyched. Tomorrow night, at Petco Park, we're going to be experiencing PLAYOFF BASEBALL. Are you going to show up at the park whining and moping like a little baby? Not me. I'm gonna get so fired up, the Padres will have to step it up. Or else they're gonna get, like, cooked or something from how f__king fired up I am.

Look at this kid:

I am gonna kick some Cardinal candy ass

Does he look like he's given up? HECK NO! Look at his face. He's so f__king pissed, he has to be held back before he breaks somebody's collar bone. If you wore Cardinal red around that kid, it would be like setting a hungry mongoose on a plate of spaghetti. All messy and sh_t. This is how fired up we all should be. I'm talking PUMPED.

I don't want to see sad, mopey faces at the plate. I want to see the Padres grab a bat and step to that plate. Something kinda like this:

Gonna CWUSH a home wun den take a nappy!

Only, maybe not so dainty and cheerful. Maybe combine the face from the first picture with the confidence of the second one... Hmmm... But then you'd still have the little baby high step...

In any case, don't show up at the game tomorrow if you're not prepared to be 10th man. Cause if we fall behind and you're one of those whiney "what-do-you-expect-it's-the-Padres" types of fans and I see you. I'm gonna slap you in your pansy face.

Thanks to bktabinga for letting me put up pictures of his kid.