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What a Fall...

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So we are all going to the game tomorrow.  But it feels like we are going to the last home game of the season, rather than an exciting play off game.  I'm thinking about getting one more Randy Jones Hot Dog and doing one more cart wheel in the Park in the Park, not about going to the World Series.  

We as fans have done all we can do.  We waited for the Padres to show any signs of life.  Other fans yelled at us:  "The regular season record doesn't matter!  You just have to make the post season!"    Does the post season record matter?  Cuz we are 0-2 and one game away from elimination.  It's not a surprise to me.  Teams don't change over night.  I'm still hoping for us to get really lucky and take the next game.  But you've got to be realistic.  This team is making the same mistakes it did all season.  All along, I've been worried about the quality of baseball they've been playing.  If they played well and lost, then you get hope that the next game they will get the win.  But when they play poorly win or lose, it's hard to get too psyched about a teams chances.

I'm still rooting mildly, my rooting is directly related to how hard the team tries. Hey if you don't care and it's your job, why should I care?  They've dug themselves a deep hole.  We're cheering for you to climb out, but we can't help.  I don't think the Padres even believe they can do it. Win one tomorrow and prove something to yourselves! We'll be there either way, not that you care. Ah what a fall it's been...