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Rally Report

[editor's note, by Dex] This was commented by tfast. Good info though much of it is disappointment. For future reference, if you stick stuff like this in the diaries, it's not hard to get it posted to the main section, as I do so.... Now (paragraph breaks are mine):

Yes JayGee & I went to the rally w/ our own little Padre Cheerleader. There were mainly women there. I think we were on the 11 o' clock NBC news. My sister met up with us too. I am sorry PeaveyRules I should have said I was going. I kind of was running late after work and had to drive to Dido to get my video camera and regular camera and some things to autograph if the opportunity presented its self (which it did not).

I am not sure if any bloggers went to the rally in 96 or 98 at the Q well this rally was weak in comparison. I was disappointed that the players just got off the bus and hid in the garage where their cars were waiting for their luggage. We were right across the street from them behind barricades. Only Ted, Bruce & Dick came over. Most of the Padres just got in their cars and drove off. Some waved some tutted their horns. But the best was Khalil in his convertible pealing out. JayGee & I have decided that Khalil has panic attacks when it comes to crowds. He could not get away quick enough.

The way they had it set up was where the busses dropped them off was around the corner where 1090was set up with their show. Someone for 1090 came over to say go over to the 1090 area and they would have players on the show. I don't see how since we saw most of them drive off. When we got there Joe Randa was talking but we caught just the tail end. I think Loretta came over earlier but that was it.

I was really disappointed that it was not organized better. I don't care if they were tired. Just ten minutes to walk over to say hi. The whole point was we were there to cheer them up and let them know that we still believed in them but for the most part the team did not give us that chance. It was like they did not appreciate that fact that we stood out late to welcome them home and cheer them up. Most of them looked stunned when they saw us and did not know how to react. Well we got some cool radio stuff like can cozies, t-shirts and Marti Gra Padre beads.

Well that is my wrap up of the rally. If anyone is interested I managed to video tape the player's cars. Not really my cup of tea but I know there are people interested in knowing what type of cars players drive (i.e. my crazy husband.) The only one worth really mentioning was the El Camino that someone drives. I don't know whom because their windows, like many of the Padres, have very tinted windows. Which in CA gets you a ticket. I should know but as JAyGee pointed out, it's not like they can't pay the ticket. Once again they could have rolled the windows down.

This is tfast signing off. Have a great today and even better tomorrow:)