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I won't have a man who's just afraid to fight stinking up this place of honor!

4 GIDP today.  Every time a Padre grounds into a double play a Rally Unicorn dies.  A total of 7 unicorns have died so far.

1 error today for a total of 2

9 men Padres left on base, for a total of 19.

I want to go into the Padres club house slap each of them in the mouth, first with a forehand and then a backhand, in one swift motion.

I'll yell at them "Do you want to win?  Do you want to fight for that win?  Then show it!  Snap out of it!"

Then I'll fall to my knees and cry.

Update [2005-10-6 19:35:38 by jbox]:


Padres Rally tonight at Petco at 8pm. I wonder if I can get close enough to slap them. FlashMob tonight at 9pm at PB Bar and Grill. Remember everytime you cheer for the Padres a Rally Unicorn rises from the grave.