Retro Padres Flashmob

To show our Padres spirit, my buddies and I are going to have a Retro Padres Flashmob tonight at PB Bar and Grill. Show up at 9:00 in old school Padres gear (namely the "taco" uniforms) and, if you're crazy enough, dress as your favorite player!

I'm coming as Eric Show and my buddies are coming as THE GOOSE, Lamar Hoyt, and Garry Templeton (he was going to be Ozzie Smith but... YOU KNOW!).

We're going to march into PB Bar and Grill singing that Padres version of the "Talkin' Baseball" song from the 80's. Er, does anyone happen to know the lyrics? I remember "Let yourself go, let yourself go... San Diego, Padres all the way" but that's about it. :-(  But we're going to wing it.

After about 5 minutes of Padres cheer we're going to scatter into the night, disappearing as quickly as we assembled...much to the amusement and amazement of the PB Bar and Grill customers.

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