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Red Alert?

Padres who've seen Mulder have hit him well. However, those Padres aren't exactly our starters. I know we're going righty heavy in the lineup today, but it seems like EY and DJ might deserve spots along with X. That would pretty much make the lineup look like Red Alert Sqad.

EY in 18 at bats is pulling a .389/.500/.556. IN 7 at bats, DJ's got 3 hits and 2 RBIs. X has only seen 3 at bats against Mulder, but has hit him every time. Joker Joe is a hall of famer against Mulder. In 40 at bats .375/.409/.625.

I'm guessing we see EY in left. DJ in center. Giles the only left hander in right. Joker at 3rd. Khalil our shortstop. Loretta at second. Nady at first (WHAT!?). And Ramon behind the plate.

Can the Red Alert Squad come through? I like our chances.