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As if it wasn't hard enough to be a Padres fan

They're starting Game 3 at 8:00 PM? I mean, sure, we may not be the most watched ticket out there, but why not try to let somebody watch. What kind of logic is that?

"We'll we'd only get a few thousand viewers on the east coast anyway, so let's just go ahead and knock that number down to zero."

Doesn't the MLB know that Marlins fans are rooting for us? Not to mention the east coast Padres fans or even *gasp* St. Louis fans!

And what about us attending the game? I like to park on the street where it's free, and parking that late at night on the wrong side of town isn't a comforting thought.

Update [2005-10-6 10:54:46 by Dex]: Also, I approved that ad that's running right now. I figure if Cardinals fan is willing to give us ten bucks, who am I to question their taste in teams?