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The makings of an epic

Jake Peavy... Broken rib... Padres down... Everybody sad...

But wait. Is that a bird? Could it be a plane?

It's Jake Peavy in game 4.

"I wouldn't rule it out," Peavy said Wednesday. "We've got a great medical staff taking a look at all of our options, and I feel like we've got some pretty good options that we can take advantage of.
Peavy pitching two games of the division series with a broken rib would trump anything I've ever seen before. It would be more than epic. I'm talking Karate Kid. "Daniel Larusso's gonna fight?" That kind of stuff.

Bloody sock has got nothing on this.

What if Peavy's tossing a no hitter in game 4 with a broken rib and eventually the bone pierces the skin and he's got blood all over him like Roy Hobbs? Gives me chills. What if he untucks his shirt and his rib falls out? Would the Hall of Fame put the rib in the Hall? I gotta e-mail Cooperstown and see if they'd be willing to put Jake's rib on display.

Thanks to Mato for the heads up.

Update [2005-10-5 18:9:8 by Dex]: PeavyRules with a few more details in her diary.