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This is why the playoffs shouldn't have day offs

We get boring stories of Trevor Hoffman losing his wallet in the back of a cab and the head umpire finding it.  And we get this:

The St. Louis Mayor tried to make a bet with the San Diego Mayor based on the outcome of the series.  He made a speech in front of a St. Louis crowd to rile them up about the fact that he never got a call back and that we might be chicken.

First off dude, we don't have a mayor.  We have an acting mayor and who the hell knows who that even is.  So thanks for rubbing that in.

Second, you just worry about keeping East St. Louis beautiful.  

Third, ain't nothing wrong with being a San Diego Chicken.  If anything that's a compliment.

Now Rob Dibble is calling Peavy's actions inexcusable.  Should he have pitched?  Well since the training staff didn't take the time to xray or MRI him before the game I've got to put most of the blame on them.  He's a pitcher, he pitches he doesn't know that his rib is broken.  The trainers should have been all over that.