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Padres Rally Report

Jbox and I hit the Padres Rally at the Park today. The entire event was some kinda exciting. We got to talk to Pad Squadders. We got to listen us to some Steve Poltz. Met Kurt Bevacqua. Got us some towels. No Carlos Hernandez as advertised though. Hmmmmmm...

We received a Rally Towel and a Rally Kerchief at the gate. We also got wrist band for the raffle giveaways and a cheer card. Everybody gathered around the stage and the Pad Squad threw even more free gear out into the crowd. Somebody obviously decided that the best way to excite a crowd of people is to give away random junk and like the animals Padres are, we fell for this ploy. We were like hyenas around a fresh kill. We were 8 year olds feeding from a broken piñata.

So, the free schwag we got:

  • A blue Padres Western Division Champ kerchief

  • A World Series 2005 Rally Towel

  • A Padres cheer card that we got signed by Mark Grant, Kurt Bevacqua, The Rugburns, and Pad Squad Catherine.

  • A DVD featuring famous pitchers throughout baseball history.

  • A Great American Baseball Box CD Sampler featuring famous historic baseball clips of music, radio calls and interviews.
Mostly it was a fun chance to hang out and get psyched for tomorrow. There were a couple of guys running around with Rally Shillelaghs getting everybody to high five their inflatable shillelaghs. Very excitable guys. One of them was wearing a Caminiti jersey though. Makes me wonder exactly what sort of mood he was shooting for.

Even stranger might have been the kid I saw in a Picciolo jersey. Picciolo, for those of you who don't know, is the Padres oft-criticized third base coach. What's the message you're sending when you wear a Peach jersey? You don't like to score? You leave teammates hanging out to dry? The Cammy jersey eventually started hanging out with the Picciolo jersey, which made for a nice "weird jersey" moment.

This post is actually feeling a bit naked without photos and I'm getting seepy. Maybe, I can get some photos up in a Part 2 tomorrow.

Game at 10! You excited?