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Well that's just f__king great...

More thoughts about Jake's broken rib. I'm almost completely not surprised that something like this would happen to the 2005 Padres. Game 1 vs the Cardinals was the Padres 2005 regular season in a nutshell. It had everything we've been feeling, nicely summed up in the course of a midday game.

You have all the runners left stranded by untimely hitting. You have the on again off again starting pitching. You have the excellent bullpen. Sloppy baserunning. Questionable defense.

The whole game, just like the whole season, you think to yourself, "If they could just kinda get it together, I can see how this would be a good team." A couple breaks here and there, shape up that defense, be a little more patient at the plate and we could do something good.

Jake's injury just tops everything off. It's the culminating feeling of doom and yet, we're still here. We're in the same position as the Red Sox and the Angels. We're still in the postseason, but somehow it just feels like we're delaying the inevitable.

I know it sounds pessimistic, but all we've been hearing about is the fact that with Jake Peavy, we have a shot in a short series. Now, it's like the Baseball Gods have decided to say, "Well now how do you feel?"

I swear we're being toyed with.