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Do you know why we fall?

So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Tough loss today, but hey. It's a learning experience. So what did we learn? As a matter of fact, all kinds of stuff:

  • We can score against their bullpen.

  • They can't score against our bullpen.

  • Mark Sweeney can beat Albert Pujols in a footrace

  • It's common knowledge now that Ryan Klesko can't play left field

  • If you see the Padres ground into the double-play enough times, you'll bleed from your eyebrows in frustration.

  • Picciolo refuses to try to score any runs.

  • Jake is gonna be pissed on Sunday. I'm calling the no hitter right now. He'll be playing on pure rage.
Regarding Peach trying to hold everybody up at third in that last inning. I understand that the runs don't really mean anything, but why not score them anyway? Pile them on. Especially that last one where Walker wasn't even throwing home. Why not score another run there? In order to get to the runs that do mean something, you kinda have to score those "meaningless" runs, right?

I still like our chances. Thursday, we focus for a whole nine. Tomorrow, we relax with a Dr Pepper.

Update [2005-10-4 16:26:11 by Dex]: I take back that Jake quote. What we actually learned about Jake is he has a broken rib. *sigh*