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Yesterday's Padres Rally

Mark Grant signs autographs before the game. A really nice guy. Signed until a minute before air time, even when his people tried to pull him away. Two middle aged chicks went up and gave him a hug. I interviewed them: "How was that hug?" Answer: "Good"

A ton of fans showed up.

My Favorite Padre Archi Cianfrocco. I thought he was still playing in Japan getting ready to make a comeback. Mark Grant asked him about the fans and he changed the subject, which I took as an insult. Former Padres Catcher Terry Kennedy was interviewed later and he and Grant traded fat jokes.

Johnny Midnight aka John Weisbarth interviewed Jake Peavy in STL. The girls swooned. Later Jeff Berkley played "Hell's Bells" on acoustic guitar. It was pretty awesome, and then local singer Steve Poltz belted out the lyrics "Ah rollin' thunda!..."