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You want famous people? You got 'em!

I know what you are thinking about the Padres Rally. Didn't you guys meet any famous people? I would reply "duh!".

Here's Dex with Dennis Morgino of Channel 4 Padres fame. After the concert we got a picture of Dex with local singer/songwriter Steve Poltz. We tried to ask for a set list, but we got shy. I asked the Gregory Page the guitarist to sign my padres sign. He said kinda depressed "You want me to have Steve sign this?" "I want all of you to sign it!" He cheered up. I got a weird collection of people to sign that rally sign: Mark Grant, Kurt Bevacqua, Pad Squad Catherine, Steve Poltz, Gregory Page and Jeff Berkley.

This is Dex and the Eagle who is the mascot for the Spanish Language Padres broadcast team. On the right that's SDSU's Chet. Chet does crazy dancing and then looks at the crowd like "What do you want? Oh this?" Then he busts into the splits. It's a crowd pleaser. I love it myself.

Hey jbox why didn't you get a picture of Dex and Mark Grant. Well that's another story...