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By the Star Alignments: Jake Peavy vs Chris Carpenter

Others may give you the numbers, but let's face it. Numbers are crap. Sure they're good for analyzing what happened after the fact, but you want to use numbers to predict a single baseball game? You got another thing coming. Therefore, Gaslamp Ball looks to the heavens and beyond.

Jake's horoscope today:

If anyone can make the best of any circumstances, it's you. So now that the universe is being so wonderfully cooperative, there's no way that catching the brass ring won't come naturally. Just reach out your hand.
Are championship rings made of brass? They look really gold and diamondy to me. Still, good forecast for Jake.

Chris Carpenter's forecast for tomorrow:
Just when things were going along even better than you'd imagined, someone has managed to insert just a touch of doubt into the equation. Better find out who's responsible right now and make it public.
Touch of doubt? Old Carp needs to get his head on straight for this game. He's letting Bochy's mind games do a number.