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Prep for the playoffs

Here's some prep material for the big series this week. Big to us anyway. Apparently, to the rest of the nation, a 10AM midweek start time for the west coast is perfectly acceptable. Ah well. Just keep on disrespecting the Padres.

  • As pointed out by lboros, the Cardinals bloggers had a nice long pow-wow about the series. Part one is here. I'll leave it to you to follow up if you'd like.

  • Ducksnorts has his series preview. As always, well researched and reasoned. One thing he leaves off, Padres have better hair.

  • ESPN has their preview as well. Apparently, if you're watching from Bristol, the Padres are going to get smoked. Hey, SportsCenter. They only look bigger cause they're closer. It's an optical illusion.

  • Padres pep rally tonight at the Park. When prompted with, "Gimme a P," the proper response is, "P!! We got your P! We got your P!"
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