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World Series Ratings

White Sox-Astros World Series lowest-rated ever. Here are some suggestions short of moving all the teams to New York and New England.

  • Give up on Fox. I'm so sick of the Fox baseball broadcast. Joe Buck's voice DRONES and Tim McCarver makes everybody crazy.

  • If you're not giving up on Fox, then give up on the animated baseball telling us what everything is. Stop treating your viewership like a bunch of tards. I'm convinced that the talking baseball is a direct insult to the "smart" baseball fan in your family. Say your girl don't watch baseball and doesn't know what a slider is. Just as you're about to explain it to her, the stupid animated cartoon ball does it for you, leaving your girl to think about just how much smarter the talking baseball is when compared to her man.

  • Instead of Buck and McCarver, grab the home TV and/or radio announcers from the two World Series cities and let them do the play by play. Stick the away team's announcer on the SAP channel and let people flip back and forth. I don't need to listen to Buck and McCarver play catchup on the season by mispronouncing names and reading directly out of the press book. I want somebody who has some familiarity with these teams.
The biggest thing has to be the marketing of the game. If the game ratings aren't doing well, then don't go crying that it's because there wasn't a Yankees team involved. Here you had some of the more marketable personalities in the game in Ozzie Guillen, Roger Clemens, Killer Bees etc... You had a team that hadn't won in how many years? Where were all the cool Curse of the Black Sox documentaries and preview shows? We were barraged with all that Bambino Curse stuff last season and nobody could figure out how to do that for the White Sox? Where were all the clever commercials featuring the Killer Bees? Why wasn't Ozzie Guillen front and center in every World Series commercial?

Oh that's right. It's because Fox sees the World Series as a giant commercial for their other non-baseball related programming. Bernie Mac. Bernie Mac. Bernie Mac. Bones. House. Bones. House. Simpson. SimpsonsSimpsonsSimpson. Oh look there's Bernie Mac again. "Take the drugs or I let you die". ENOUGH. MY GOD. MY EYES MY EYES. TOO MUCH FOX PROGRAMMING.

Lost in all of this is the fact that every game led their time slots so it's not like nobody was watching. This pro-Yankees media just likes to make it seem that way so we can avoid another non-Yankees/Red Sox World Series. I don't want it to happen. The ratings are there. Just go and get them.