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Latino Legends team

The announcer declaring that Mariano Rivera was "the greatest closer of all time" irked me a little bit.  Just because network announcers and the Yankees say it doesn't make it's true.  In the article on they are much more diplomatic, stating his stats and mentioning that he's in the Top 10 for saves.  Hoffman gets no respect, it's a shame.

What was up with Pedro Martinez?  He was acting real nutty during the ceremony.  Kept giving the "double guns" thing with his hands to fans and other players.  He had a crazy look on his face too.  Then ARod comes out and they both quick draw each other and do the double guns thing again. I'm pretty sure they were talking about something serious, like a player that passed away and then the cameras cut to Pedro in the dug out. He's wild eyed and giving guns and laughing like a maniac. The cameras cut away really quickly.